Your Tresses are an investment and should be treated with care. The longevity, beauty
and manageability of your Tresses is directly impacted by how well they are cared for.


To keep your Tresses beautiful and extend product life, we recommend seeking the services of a Licensed Hair Stylist. (Please click our Stylists link for a list of Magnificent Tresses Certified Stylists.)

We also recommend:

*Always detangle hair from ends to roots.

*Never go to bed with wet hair as this may cause shedding, tangling and matting.

* Gently shampoo hair weekly with a good quality hydrating and/or clarifying shampoo. Lesser quality products may leave a film or coating on hair and cause matting, tangling or shedding.

* Do not use products that contain oil or alcohol as these may cause matting, tangling or shedding.

* Use styling aids in moderation as they may weigh down your Tresses

* After swimming, use a clarifying or chelating shampoo to remove chlorine or sea salt as it may coat the hair.

Tress Care by Hair Type:

A. Straight to Slightly Wavy:

*Use a quality shampoo with PH balance of 5.0 - 7.0

*Condition and rinse thoroughly, use a leave in conditioner

*Use styling aids in moderation, no oily products

B. Wavy and Curly Hair:

*Use a quality shampoo with PH balance of 5.0 - 7.0

*Deep condition and use styling aid design for curly hair. Do not use oily products.

Products You May Wish to Try:

* Bed Heads Seriously Straight when blow drying (available upon request)

* Keracare Hydrating Shampoo

* Mizani Clarifying Shampoo

* Mizani Hydrating Conditioner

* Frederic Fekkai Clarifying Shampoo

NOTE: You may color or perm your Tresses just as you would your natural tresses. However, once this has been done, we cannot guaranty their integrity. Always perform a strand test prior to any chemical process. We recommend using the services of a Licensed Hair Stylist.

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