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Here are the answers to questions that are commonly asked by our customers. Please feel free to contact us with your questions!

Q & A

• What is Virgin Hair?

Hair that has not undergone chemical or color processing is referred to as Virgin, and may or may not be collected from a single donor. Magnificent Tresses uses only premium Virgin hair, collected from a single, healthy donor. The result is hair that is beautiful and very natural with all cuticles correctly aligned.

• What is Remy Cuticle Hair?

Remy hair has the all of the hair’s cuticles aligned in the same direction. This is done to minimize tangling and related breakage. The hair may then be gently processed for color and or texture resulting in a healthy, luxurious product. Magnificent Tresses uses only Remy Cuticle for our colored and textured products.

• What is Non-Remy Hair?

Magnificent Tresses does NOT use this type of hair in any of our products. Non-Remy hair does not have all cuticles aligned in a single direction, and may include Fallen Hair and in some instances animal (Yak) hair. Fallen Hair refers to hair collected from brushes, combs and floors, and subsequently included in the finished product. The cuticles are not aligned, resulting in tangling and matting. Additionally, since the strands are from multiple donors, the hair is not silky and luxurious. In order to compensate, the product may be dipped in acid and coated with silicone. The resulting product does not have lasting beauty and is not tangle free. Often Non-Remy hair is labeled as Remy in order to mask inferior quality.

* What Does Custom Made To Order Mean?

The Custom Made To Order category means that the product is made specifically to the personal measurements and/or specifications of the wearer and therefore cannot be used by anyone else. These products are by definition never kept in stock and are hand-made by our team. The products require incredible attention to every detail to ensure the best possible fit, wear and beauty. There are no refunds for these products. The lead time for processing is 4-6 weeks, not including the shipping time.

* What Does Special Order Mean?

The Special Order category is assigned to products that are not kept in-stock but are a variation of our in-stock items. They are generally classified under our Platinum Line of products and are made to your request. There are no refunds for these products. The lead time for processing is 15-30 days, not including shipping time.

* What Does In-Stock Mean?

In-stock products are those that we designate as part of our standard product line. We work to keep sufficient amounts of these products in our stock to fulfill purchase requests in 24-48 hours, not including the shipping time.

* What Does Out of Stock Mean?

Should you select a product for purchase that is not currently in our inventory, you will see a message on the screen "This item is out of stock, please call for availability". You will still be able to place the item in your cart for purchase, but should expect 15-30 days processing time for your order. This does not include the shipping time.

* What is a Wig?

Wigs are designed to cover your entire head including your natural hair. - Custom Wigs are made to the purchaser's exact specifications and will fit only the person they were designed for. - In-Stock Wigs are processed based on the most popular wig choices and options. The come in small, medium and large cap sizes. - Celebrity Wigs use various celebrity hairstyles as the prototype for their design, but use the purchaser's exact measurements and specifications. They will only fit the person they were designed for. - 3/4 Wigs are partial wigs that begin approximately 2" from the front hairline (ear to ear) and extend to cover the remainder of the head. They are often worn with headbands.

* What is a Weft?

A weft is the structure used to bind individual hairs together to form a continuous band of hair. This structure is made out of thread especially designed for this purpose. There are two types of wefts: Machine and Hand-Tied. Machine is the most common type used by hair extension purchasers. Hand-Tied Wefts have a smaller weft base and are made by hand, making them far more difficult to detect than machine wefts.

• What is a Closure?

A closure is a small hairpiece used to enhance the style’s finished look. It is used near, or at the hairline or crown to create a part or natural finished look. Closures are available in silk, lace or a combination of both and may include a full or partial part and baby hair, if desired. Our closures are hand-made and customized to fit our clients. Because Closures are customized to suit each individual, please allow at least 20 days for shipment.

• What is a Frontal?

Frontals are similar to Closures but are designed to cover the perimeter of the hairline (ear to ear or the circumference of the head). They are available in either silk, lace or both, with or without baby hair. This is excellent for those experiencing hair loss around the front hairline. Our Frontals are hand-made and customized to fit our clients. Because Frontals are customized to suit each individual, please allow at least 20 days for shipment.

• What Are Strand by Strand or Pre-Tip Extensions?

These are hairs, bundled together with keratin at the root. The bundled Pre-Tipped strand is then attached to the natural hair near the root area with an applicator. This process forms a small bond creating a smooth, flat extension. This is also referred to as Hair Fusion. There are 2 Fusion techniques: Hot - Uses heat to melt keratin on strand and fuse it to the natural hair strands. Cold - Uses a hollow plastic or metal bead which when pushed & compacted onto the junction of both the natural hair strands and the extension hair strands, form a bond without the use of heat.

This should only be performed by a licensed stylist, experienced in this extension method. Magnificent Tresses' certified stylists are available to perform this service, please see our Gallery page for referrals. Please note: Magnificent Tresses assumes no liability for services performed by listed stylists.

* What Is Bulk Hair?

Bulk hair is the raw hair product after it has been cleaned and purified, but has not been attached to any weft, strand or wig base. This hair is usually purchased in quantity. Lesser quality hair (synthetic or non-remy) is used in various braiding and weft track creation techniques.

• How much hair is needed?

Weft Installation: The average client uses 6-10 ounces for a full installation, depending on your preference in fullness and the length of the hair.

Purchasing Quantity Guide:

12"-14" Length = 6-10 ounces of hair 16"-18" Length = 8 -12 ounces of hair

Pre-Tipped Installation: For a full installation, the average client uses 150-200 tips.

• How long will my hair last?

Your Platinum and Magnificent Tresses may last for up to 2 uses. Products from the Luxury Line may last as long as 6 months, depending on how well the product has been cared for.

o Shampoo and condition with salon recommended products.

o Use minimal heat, as this can dry out your hair.

o Steer clear of oily products (can cause tangling and shedding)

• Why is Magnificent Tresses hair different?

We only use 100% human hair, collected from a single donor. Our products feature hair cuticles aligned in the same direction to ensure less tangling or matting. Our products are constructed to ensure minimal shedding. Our products have a natural sheen and luxurious body. We take great pride in providing beautiful hair products that are lightweight and offer a variety of styling options for our clients.

• Can I color or use chemicals on my hair?

If you color your hair, we recommend you visit a licensed stylist who will perform a strand test prior to color application. We do not recommend chemicals as they can alter the structural integrity of the hair. Any color or chemical application outside of that done by Magnificent Tresses, at the time of order fulfillment, falls outside of any product warranty or guarantee (implied or otherwise).

• Can I swim in my hair?

Yes you can swim with your tresses. Remember to use a clarifying or chelating shampoo after swimming. Never go to bed with wet hair as this will result in tangling and matting.

• How do I care for my hair?

Proper daily care includes daily combing and brushing, little to no heat on the hair, shampoo and condition as needed.

• What are Machine wefts?

Machine wefts are the most common type of wefts and are sewn on specialized sewing machines. They are considered more durable than hand-tied wefts and are generally less expensive. Machine wefts may be cut, but this should be done cautiously.

• What are Hand Tied wefts?

The weft is very thin, strong and made by hand. They are a great solution for thinning hair. The wefts should not be cut, nor should a needle be put through the weft construction. Either of these actions can result in shedding.

• Can I cut my wefts?

Yes you may cut your machine wefts, however, hand-tied wefts should not be cut.

• Do you offer extension classes?

Yes we offer extension classes and seminars. See our education section on the gallery page.

• What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards and Pay-Pal.

• How long does it take to ship an order?

In Stock Items: After payment has cleared, in-stock items are shipped within 24-48 hours (business days only).

Out of Stock Items: These are products we normally have in stock, but have run out of them due to high demand. We will do our very best to complete production and fulfill your order within 15-20 days.

Custom Orders: Work begins on custom orders only after payment has cleared. The production process takes approximately 30 days to complete. Completed products are then quality checked and will ship within 24 hours.

* When Will My Order Be Delivered?

our site contains a delivery time estimate tool for your convenience. This is located below the order section on each product page. The time from shipment to receipt of your order is wholly (dependent upon the delivery method and service level that you select at the time of order). Standard, Express and overnight shipping are available through UPS and Fedex.

• Can I cancel an order?

In Stock Orders - Once an order is processed and has been shipped (generally the same business day), it cannot be cancelled. You can however, exchange the item for you once it is received. You will need to contact us for an RMA number which authorizes the return of the item. You will need to pay the return postage.

Custom orders are shipped once the item is completed and cannot be cancelled.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders are shipped only to the confirmed Pay Pal or credit card addresses.

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Q & A